Fresh Floor

I removed the carpet in my house and the floor was littered with splashed paint from the slobs who painted my walls before I bought it.

Once I uncovered the circle spot where they set the dripping paint can I grabbed my sander and went into berserker mode. Belt-sanded for days.



Rusty Tank & 36psi

FF dated 19-11-15

So today I cracked open the fuel filter I changed a couple days ago.

I tested it after removal and discovered that it was jammed up pretty bad. I had to crack it open to measure the extent and confirm that it was rust.

It was a twofold surprise seeing what 36psi did to the filter and realizing how well the bike ran with such compromised pressure.

1877 miles

I’ve rebuilt two old bicycles and one new one. Round about two thousand miles has always been a maintenance bellwether.

I just had finished installing a brand new starter and took a milk-run test-ride. The clutch cable snapped on that oil stained parking space pictured just in front of the bike. I had moved it to the alley where I could try to MacGyver the broken cable and limp home.

I tried several times but the sun was setting and the milk was getting warm so I called for a truck. He called another driver to show him how to load motorcycles.