Nippy Zipping

I rode my 2.44 Motobecane for a grocery run today. After a nice break and in the frigid wind I had a tenancy to bust out and burn – both with acceleration and deceleration. Had to tone it down a bit after avoiding a minivan that drifted past it’s stop sign.

My fantasy goal with riding fixed gear bikes is to ride like MIB cars. Not the movie kind, but depictions of theories of alien MIB cars. Moving in defiance of inertia. Erie and unnatural shifts in velocity. I think I achieved a bit of that today.

Traffic Texas on 19th Street.

Today I set out for a big grocery run. As soon as I saw the clustered roundabout I knew it was going to be a special day.

Confused & unconvential traffic calls for a special set of rules: stop a half block away from busy intersections and wait for them to clear out,  ride crossing behind ones who get “stuck” at interseczions

If  I would have just looked at license plates I would have thought I was in Texas.