I’ve enjoyed a week of early morning commutes, near-clear roads free of the daytime noise and mania. Conditions where so ideal I broke my average speed record at 17.5 mph last Thursday.

The east-bound right lanes of  Manitou Avenue are badly damaged so I ride the center lane until I reach new pavement after the Highway 24 overpass. Never a problem.

This morning, being Saturday, I’d expected even less traffic – and there was. I drifted into a high velocity meditation of pace and surface scan. Suddenly a Jeep jolted out in front of two approaching Incline commuters who braked and swerved into my middle lane.

I braked and swerved to the broken edge and looked back to see another car approaching behind me. It was at a safe distance, I was lucky but embarrassed that I didn’t check my six and five before swerving.

It was just so strange to suddenly be surrouded by five cars from out of nowhere.