I just built my first wheel and dream bike.

When the fancy twist spokes of the Jubilee popped for the first time, it was in the middle of a gig and I was stuck with the seven speed coaster on my Black Lightning. It was a pernicious luxury, took me a week of fixie riding to get back in shape.

It was then that I decided that I must convert the Black Lightning to a fixed gear bike. I ordered a special hub and did the calculations for spokes.

Last Thursday, after a spoke wheel change, the Motobecane broke spoke again and I was stuck with the MTB for commuting. What a drag.

By Saturday I had all my parts; a shiny new hub, sprocket, chaining, and 36 double butted spokes/nipples. I whipped it all together in a matter of hours that evening, even tested it out on a ride for a bottle of wine.

Today was the true test and it went great! A robust-sexy-sleek twenty five mile grocery and office commute.