Last night I stopped for groceries on the way back from work.

I returned to my bike, 20lbs of groceries in hand, to find the sprinklers going full force. The bike wasn’t completely soaked, but I was when I worked to unlock it. I moved to a dry spot and packed the groceries.

Flash forward to 1 mile from home. The tire goes flat. As I rifle through my pockets for tools I discovered I had no keys. Great. I limp the bike back home.

I suited up my other bike for a quick night trip to the grocery store. Just as I expected they had flung out of my bike lock during my sprinkler struggle.

This morning I got ready to change the flat when I discovered that a spoke had broke. This is the second broken spoke within a month after 700 miles. Though I love the cool design of the twisted spokes on the Motobecane, I’m going to have to rebuild the rear wheel to a more conventional spoke arrangement.