A couple weeks ago, in the midst of a busy workweek, my truck died.

The truck was in the shop for a quick fix so I was biking to work in the sleet and rain. While I was crossing a busy intersection, my chain-link broke. I was trying to decide whether to fix it or call a cab and my mechanic calls to tell me the bad news, the truck is beyond any reasonable fixing. I called a cab.

I struggled with the decisions; whether to pour more money in it, buy another car right away, or just hit the bike.

I remembered how I missed cycle commuting the first 4 years of vehicle ownership and the decision was easy. BIKE!

One late evening after a heavy labor call, a work-mate offered to give me a ride. I considered it, but took the ride and it was worth it. As soon as I saddled up on the bike and started riding, I was home no matter where I was.