The last few weeks have found me reformatting and upgrading computers and devices.

My notebook re-set was the easiest. Then the laptop, it took a few days but things went smoothly.

Two upgrades proved to be quite a challenge.

Quickbooks Pro 2012 had been clunky over the years. I was determined to pull through with every update I could find.

It has an internal updater that lists and checks needed updates. When you press the update icon it finds your needed update and sends out a request for download. Unfortunately it reported: “Server Not Responding”.

I searched for solutions everywhere. I reset security & browser settings. Nothing changed.

I finally found a discussion thread where someone wrote, “”Server Not Responding” is meaningless, it’s updating. Just leave it alone, go get some coffee or watch a TV show and check back on it later, you’ll have your update.”

Lo and behold it worked! I could see the maintenance update download percentage after about 15 minutes or so and it updated. My program works like never before. Victory dance.

The FeiyuTech 3 axis gimbal has worked fine and proven to be quite tough. I mounted it on my tripod rover-cam on one of my last gigs and discovered that while stationary it would very slowly drift-pan towards one side and then snap back to center every 20 seconds. Very annoying.

I found it was solved by a firmware update that even enabled extra control settings, great!

I prepared by watching video & written tutorials which described a pretty straightforward process.
-download and install usb drivers for the com bridge cable noting the assigned addressing (COM#).
-open the firmware loading software. Open usb device address (COM#). Load firmware. Turn gimbal on.
-load firmware into gimbal.

The usb address turned out to be (COM12), but the only options in the program were (COM3) & (COM4).

I typed (COM12) in the program box and pressed the “open” icon several times. It would always report back “Connection Failed”.

I tried uninstalling and reloading the USB drivers to either get a new number or get the attention of the program hoping it would give me the (COM12) option. I made several attempts and found nothing but the same refusal to connect.

I finally started to think outside of the drivers and the program and realized I could change the (COM#) in the device menu of windows.

It worked! I opened the address, loaded the firmware, turned on the gimbal and they were on talking terms! I initiated the upload and watched it roll through the new code for each of the 3 motors and clicked “ok” at the end. Victory dance.

I turned the gimbal on and it did seem different. It initialized quicker and panned slower. I wanted to uplink again to read the firmware version and insure that the it loaded properly.

After the (COM#) switch and several driver reloads, Windows 7 did not want to load up the USB drivers.

Another flood of scrambling with device manager settings, driver reloads, and computer restarts. I realized I may only have one more shot at the device and program talking with each other so I decided to load up the control software instead. It would only function with the updated firmware.

One lucky USB driver re-install and device manager (COM#) change and the control software talked to the gimbal. I was able to reset the tracking speed to fast. You can also change the callibration left, right, up or down but I opted out. Victory Dance.

I might go back and try it again to slow down the tracking speed for some activities like skating or hiking.

After this ordeal reprogramming may not be so bad.