I started including about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil each day in my diet for the last week.

It started with bullet proof coffee. I liked the idea of drinking coffee that has a time release effect. Plus it tastes like a frothy latte’. Once I read about all the biological benefits of coconut oil I was hooked, bought a couple gallons.

The popularity of quad-copters has brought the price of gimbals down, so I now have a Feiyu Tech Ultra 3 axis gimbal for the GoPro. I’ve been recording hand held test runs on commutes.

I found two malfunctions: First my bottom motor would glitch out and the LED would go red – I opened it up and found the cables were folded harshly. Re-folded them and it works fine. Second the switch on the bottom malfunctioned – as soon as I inserted the batteries the device would start and not shut off until I removed the batteries. I turned the coil in the switch cap a bit and that has been working fine since.

I have several mounting ideas, but the only mount I could find was on Thingiverse. A 3D model of a snap mount designed to slip into the GoPro foot.

I took two files, one straight and one angled mount, to the library for my first 3D print. We had a setback at about the 20th layer, could have been the bed temp – could be the machine/software – could be an array of things.  The library staff are hashing it out and they’ll email me when it’s done.

First 3D print. Feiyu Tech gimbal mount.