I finally found a good day to commute on the road bike. I’ve put on an extra 20 or so pounds of muscle and ate up the local roads and hills with relative ease.

There were two hindrances on the ride.

On the way out, on Beckers Lane, some joker in a late model Mustang faked out a turn and then proceeded to drift along wavering around 10mph. I tried to pass 3 times but it was just too dicey.

On the way home, in the last mile of an 18 mile ride just after making a steep climb, I found that the road was blocked by police tape and lined with several police vehicles.

I really didn’t want to back track and re-climb another hill so I just stood and tried to asses if it was safe to pass through. It was quiet, no gun shots or yelling. The truck was a mobile investigation unit, no sign of any haz-mat trucks or gear. I decided to wait and see if any officers would come out and maybe allow me to pass through.

There was no sign of any officers until one last truck parks on the other side of the zone. It looked like the trucks they use for animal control. The driver marched through the zone as I was casually making my way through and asked me, “did you see where they all went?”.
I shook my head, “no, sorry”
“I’m looking for ## Waltham”
“let’s see here we’re in the twenties here . . . . even on this side, odds on this side. There it is!”
She made her way to the house.

As I squeezed by her parked truck I read the driver’s side door, it said “El Paso County Coroner”.