So . . . it’s been a long time since it has been cold enough for the pipes to freeze. This morning was an unpleasant surprise with only one line of water running. The rest were just plain dead-especially the hot water lines. It’s odd that only one cold line stayed flowing. The old wives tale of making ice cubes faster with hot water comes to mind.

I did the usual regime of hauling my little Titan ceramic heater down to the crawl space below the kitchen, it usually does the job in a couple of hours.

I always think about the Tunnels of Chu Chi as I scrunch through the hole just big enough for my body. There’s times you cant fully bend your knees and you have to drag yourself along with your forearms in the dusty ground, back scraping against a lowering ceiling.

Anyway . . . after several hours I was getting no result. It wasn’t warming up outside and the lines were still dead, so I went out and got another heater and set it beside the old one – quite the battle.

After another hour and a half or so, I stepped into the kitchen to check the lines – nothing. . . still dead. . . . I looked out the window and saw the frost had started melting from all the  heat in the kitchen. Just as I was halfway through thingking “well it’s warm enough to melt the window frost” the lines set to bursting clear and free.  WHEW! What a relief!

The fun thing is that every time I send myself down there I find some artifact from the early 20th century. Found a double sized shot glass, a cold cream jar, and some stylized jar.

Jars and Heaters