I had to bust out of town yesterday, been putting it off for far too long.

I grabbed my gear and some worms and headed up the hill to Rampart Reservoir for the first time hoping to beat the dusk.

I managed to get there with an hour of sunlight despite a route riddled with washboards that practically threw my little truck off the road.

Some friendly local anglers filled me in on the trout tactics and I set my jigs.  Dropped in a couple lines and waited.

As dusk turned darker the trout were flopping over surface.  Had one on a hook but didn’t get the net in time.

Stars above and a shore specked with little red light bobbers, some being cast.  I almost didn’t care if I caught a fish or not, it was a beautiful night!

I realized my tackle box was short one cool item but I managed with a slow reel, bobber fishing by feel.

Managed to bag a rainbow trout and made my way home through the hideous washboard roads.

Night fishing is poised to be my handy, day by day getaway.