I had a dream last night where a bear and a badger were rummaging through my house.  A couple of dogs chased them out without any major incident.  But I woke up with the adrenaline pumping.

This morning I found one of my doors was cracked open, so it could have happened.  Except the badger would have been a raccoon in this area.

Someone ran into a car, running away from a bear, last Thursday up north in the ‘Springs.  She was uninjured but the bear didn’t make out so well.  C-DOW had to euthanize it when it showed no fear of humans.

That’s what happens when you feed the bears.

People feed the bears all the time from their garbage cans.  It doesn’t matter how rat nasty rotten the garbage is, bears pursue a garbage can with an outrageous tenacity.  In my early efforts I’d lock up the can really good, but that bear would knock the crap out of the can for hours (hours around 3am).  The police had to come and chase it off.

I just keep the garbage indoors until the morning pickup.