I’ll never forget last week’s somber Wednesday.  An overcast city wept an afternoon rain out of course with the sunny spring week.

No one deserved the event the day before, no one expected it, and  no one could find a rational explanation.

A dark twist of fate that challenged common faith.  A merciless chain reaction at a gas station cut short a promising young life.

Her friend and several others struggled to help but the inferno pushed them away.  Were it not for the off duty firefighter others would have died in selfless attempts of rescue.

I don’t know if their hearts will ever heal.  I can’t imagine any words that could bring them comfort.

All I can do is construct a living vow to find those angels some recourse.

The last ten days have been an exercise in recognizing and celebrating the selfless.  From a compassionate utilities clerk  to the valorous sandbaggers in the Dakota flood.  Your actions bring us a sense of justice in this harsh and unforgiving time.