I ran a carpool up to the Colorado Convention Center down in Denver today.

The whole day went great. A smooth gig constructing a 20’x20′ trade show booth.

It went so well that I was off the clock some time before my two passengers.

In that time and in the city my taxi traits took over.  I decided to drive the truck to the stagehand door to save some them some steps and some time for the drive back south.

Well, it turned the opposite.  Only one came out the stage hand door, the other went missing.  After a bit of a watch and wait we doubled back to the original parking lot.  One on foot and one driving.

It was only two blocks but it was bumper to bumper gridlock.   When I managed to cross all lanes for the next left turn in that short span, I knew my cab skills were kicking in.

Anyway, we got to the lot but he was not there.  After the final search we started making calls trying to track him down.

It turned out that he took a creative exit from the DCC and missed the truck.  When he didn’t see it at the parking lot, he had caught the first ride out of town.

I don’t know who ditched whom.  All I know is that I lost a bit of time but gained something back in the tactical taxi trials.