The recent bus crash on Capitol Hill brought to mind a fond memory from my cab driving days in Seattle back in the mid 90’s.

It wasn’t in the winter and it wasn’t exactly at this location.  It was a clear night on a street several blocks north where you have to make a sharp left turn in a similar position to overpass across Interstate 5.

I could  measure up passengers blocks ahead and I knew these three guys were shady, but it was a dead night and I was desperate for a fare.  I picked them up at a grocery store on the north side of Broadway and one of them gave me a vague location.

Downtown” in a shaky voice.  It sealed the deal, I knew these dudes were about to roll me.  At that moment they bought a ticket on my own personalized hell ride.

I continued north and hung a left on East Roy St.,  cranked up some heavy grunge/metal on the radio and started hauling ass down a steep and narrow Belmont Avenue East whizzing through parked cars with inches between to arrive at a high-G 90° left turn maneuver onto Lakeview Boulevard East.  It looked like we were about to fly off the edge into Lake Union but we would have ended up like the bus pictured above.  When I reached the stoplight at the bottom of Lakeview they confessed and exited my cab.

I had ran this route  racing to fares many times before but the opportunity to scare the shit out of fraudulent passengers was a great payoff.