Just closed the polls up in Chipita Park this evening with an Election Judge team of ten.

A dream team running a clean machine.

There were no radicals or rabble rousers.  No hanging chads or missing numbers.  All seals were set with proper count.  The poll watchers were cordial and appeased.

We started setting up at 6:00am.  Twenty paper ballot voting booths, one touchscreen booth with accessories, an accuvote counting machine  instruction signs, ballots, registration slips, log books, tables and chairs.

An incomplete site survey made us scramble, but we opened the doors promptly at 7:00am to a heavy stream of anxious voters.

That stream held steady  . . .(9:10pm MST:  Darek Mazzone. The man with the plan is in the can. “Free at Last”) . . . towards around 11:30am.  From lunch to closing it was a steady trickle of voters who set aside the day.

All voters were American heroes, but the top of my list were a mother and son.  (D. and N. Rndls).  During the voting process, she had noted possible incongruities in her son’s registration process.  D. called her son, who in turn drove all the way from Boulder to arrive and register a legitimate vote.