As soon as I returned from my week long vacation the plumbing started acting up.  Backing up.  The shower wouldn’t drain and the toilet would overflow.

I started with liquid pipe cleaners and worked up to jamming wire down the pipe, the plug proved persistent.  I even considered pouring hydrochloric acid down the drain.

The crawlspace below is WTF unnavigable, so I had to tear out a section of floor to inspect the WTF pipes.  A lot of WTF 90 degree fittings making things difficult (dude, path of least resistance? gimme 45s!), but knowing the gnarly pathway helped.

To decrease the WTF 90 degree fiasco, I  bypassed one WTF section by tearing out a funky WTF drywall enclosure.  The WTF access point pointed to the bathroom wall, so I had to tear out a WTF hole in the bathroom wall.

Thankfully a good friend loaned me a steal tape auger and at about 25ft in, I luckily managed to dislodge WTF item from its sharp angle home.

My house was build at the dawn of the 20th century so at least any time I have to do any business under the floor, I find some historic treasure.  Today it was an empty match book from a place called the “Tally Ho Tavern” with a phone number of “Highland 8”.  A phone number with one word and one number has got to be pretty old.  Going to have to do some research on that.