After the trip to Fargo, I had an opportunity to see my cousin Tyler race.  He placed second despite a mash up that destroyed his right rear fender guard and a penalty that pushed him to the end of the lineup.

The next day I was lucky enough to join in on the repair process.

Here we see Tyler removing the damaged pipe of the fender guard.  Notice the blue “safety cooler” nearby.  Full of ice cold Busch Light.

Fortunately his big brother Bob took a break from NASA to assist in the repair. 

I got to take a test drive.  I drove so fast the camera had a hard time capturing a clear picture.  I’m not wearing a helmet but I have the blue “saftey cooler” strapped in beside.

After this repair and my phenomenally fast test drive Tyler placed 1st in the Bomber Feature last Tuesday at the Sheyenne River Speedway in Lisbon, ND.

UPDATE: Tyler went on to win the season championship at the SRS.