The truck came just in time to fix the bike.

After 7000 miles and four years my Cannondale F800 started ticking like a time bomb.

The bottom bracket was shot, so I took it to the shop last Friday.  They had it done by Monday afternoon  with a warning that the rest of the drive train was shot.

I bought a new chain and rear cog and took it home to finish the repair.

While attaching the rear cog, I noticed the rear freewheel and hub were also shot so I drove back to the shop.

I found that it was better to replace than repair after consulting the mechanic, but they were out of wheels.  So it was off to another shop.

I found a good beefy wheel and took it home to finish the bike only to discover the brake disk required a T-25 wrench to change.  So it was off to the hardware store.

I logged about 40 city miles in the truck that day, the hardware trip being in rush hour traffic (complete with a road rager).

I burned out all the excitement of driving a motor vehicle that day and am glad my bike is fit for the next 7000 miles.